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Renkemeyer Law Firm:
Your Tax Law Experts

Tax and Corporate Law Firm With a Focus on Tax Debts and Liens and The Use of IRA’s to Invest in Businesses.

gavel We specialize in assisting our clients with their tax problems, whether negotiating a substantial reduction in the amount owed to the IRS or obtaining and payment plan to provide for them some breathing room from the pressures of the IRS. We assist clients in removing tax liens when they are attempting to sell their home or other asset. In addition to assisting with tax problems, we specialize in corporate mergers and acquisitions and transactional tax planning. The nuances in tax and corporation law present ever present and ongoing peril to the businessman absorbed with the demands of running his company, but unversed in the intricacies of tax law. The IRS makes requirements that are easily overlooked without the assistance of experts.

Troy D. Renkemeyer and the Renkemeyer Law Firm provides expert counsel for those wading through contracts, negotiations, purchases, sales and other transactions, as well as audits and appeals. With license for CPA and law practice, we represent small businesses and corporations in litigations involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, fraud and other issues, as well as those litigations involving tax liens, tax debts, audits, appeals and other tax court litigations.

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