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Resolving your Tax Audit and Litigation questions

Finding out the IRS is going to take a closer look at your tax return can be stressful. The IRS has the power to dig into your life or business and turn it upside down. Understanding your rights and being prepared for an audit can help you avoid many common audit pitfalls, reduces your emotional turmoil, and more importantly, minimize future financial difficulties.

Renkemeyer Law Firm’s experienced tax attorney is here to assist you throughout the entire process. When you receive the IRS audit letter in the mail, don’t deal with the IRS on your own – one misstep can complicate and increase your problems.

For the most part, we appear before the IRS and communicate with them without you needing to be present, unless you want to be present.

IRS agents are trained to ask questions in a way that draws out information about issues that can result in increased taxes owed .without you even realizing the issue existed in the first place. Even the most innocent statement could exacerbate your difficulties. Once the statement is made, it is hard to take it back. Sometimes clients call our firm after they already spoke with the IRS or provided them information. They often have put themselves in a position that would have been avoided had they called our firm prior to contacting the IRS or providing them information. You need representation that is skilled and trained in responding to the IRS in an audit environment.

 Protect your rights & financial future 

  • Avoid potential problems and penalties
  • Know exactly what is raising red flags with the IRS
  • Identify potential misinterpretations or mistakes
  • Avoid having to personally appear before the IRS civil proceedings
  • Have written documentation of your receipts, bank statements, and canceled checks – even if you no longer have them available
  • Meet all IRS imposed deadlines

A brilliant tax lawyer is here

Quite often IRS auditors themselves misinterpret the tax laws, or their opinion about a tax law is simply wrong. Mr. Renkemeyer, a qualified tax attorney, has a deep understanding of the tax laws. He brings his clients cases to U.S. Tax Court quite frequently in cases where he doesn’t agree with the IRS auditor on the tax laws, but only if the client wishes to take the case that far. In most cases, at a minimum he can eliminate the penalties without going to Tax Court.

When you receive the audit notification, call the Renkemeyer Law Firm. Troy Renkemeyer is here to answer your questions and immediately provide you with audit representation.

There are two systems of taxation in our country. One for the Informed and one for the uninformed.

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Read Faq’s To Know More
Q: When is the best time to get a tax professional involved in an audit?

A: Immediately. It is better to not have any communications with the IRS without representation. Quite often, things are stated or provided that cannot be undone. These cause the biggest problems with audits.

Q: I feel that the outcome of an IRS audit is completely unfair. What can I do?

A: Renkemeyer Law Firm may be able to help you fight your IRS audit. It could be that you will need a tax attorney representing you in order to handle a dispute with the IRS. There is no reason to settle for an IRS audit or examination that you don’t agree with!

Q: Do I have to appear with the IRS in my audit?

A: When you engage Renkemeyer Law Firm to represent you in your audit, nearly all of the appearances and communications are undertaken by us without your presence, unless you desire to be present. We take care of it for you.

Q: I have been given an audit notice by the IRS. What should I do?

A: Immediately contact Renkemeyer Law Firm or some other tax adviser to assist you. There are many types of IRS notices, each with different meanings. It is important you understand what your situation is with the IRS.